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Kipod Mobile is a mobile application for monitoring remote objects and video surveillance over the Internet performed on Android and iOS devices. Being used together with Kipod Server and Kipod Station, the application allows to receive instant notifications about alarming situations. Video analytics events include crossing the signal line, motion in the region of interest, abandoned objects, loitering and many more.

The ability to synchronize with the Kipod Station web application allows the operator to connect more than one mobile device to one account, with no need to create a separate account for each mobile device.

Kipod Mobile is installed both in the web and in a private network via the installation file. The application provides video monitoring over the Internet, viewing live video and archived video analytics events, arming and disarming, Push notifications, automatic enlarging of the alarming object, search for events by specific criteria, advanced filtering options, control of PTZ cameras, digital zoom, connecting to 3G & 4G networks and WiFi.


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