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Kipod Cloud Rack is a turn key solution for video surveillance service providers that combines AI-based video analytics, audio analytics, optimized video storage, service management and monitoring into a rack level converged infrastructure.

Kipod Cloud Rack offers security providers unmatched service scaleability, fast deployment time, exceptional serviceability and reliability leading to lower TCO and higher ROI.

Key Features

  • Connect up to 5 000 cameras
  • Retain 30 days of searchable video and events
  • Serve 3 000 live clients on any device
  • Guarantee tier III service availability (99.982%)
  • Instant facet search across big data (under 1 seconds)
  • Unlock the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) with face recognition, license plate reading and object classification
  • Create a virtual monitoring station to respond to alarms in real-time

Video Management Software

Pre-installed software

Kipod Cloud Platform including
Kipod Station
Kipod Server
Kipod Monitor

Built-in analytics

Face recognition
License plate recognition
Object classification
Multiple camera tracking
Audio recognition
Behavour recognition

See complete list at

Built-in geoinformation systemOpenStreetMap
Private cloud capabilities

Centralized web-based management
Unlimited cameras and sensors
Unlimited users
Automatic load balancing
Automatic failover
Background software updates
Hardware and software monitoring 

Protocol / APIS7, N7
Containers and orchestrationDockers / Kubernetes
Server operating systemLinux Family
Client operating systemAndroid, iOS, Web, Linux, Windows

Video Storage

Video retention capacity

3 000 Full HD cameras at 2.5 Mbps
30 days of continuous recording

Physical capacity5 000 TB
Effective capacity3 666 TB
Redundancy11 + 4 (36%)
Disk typeHDD
Storage typeCeph / Object Storage
Protocol / API S3


Event retention capacity30 days
Physical capacity88 TB
Effective capacity29 TB
Redundancy1 + 2 (200%)
Disk typeSSD
Database typeCassandra / NoSQL
Protocol / APICQL

Rack Sizing

Min number of racks1
Recommended number of racks
for optimal failover
Max number of racksNot limited

Infrastructure Requirement

Network Connection

Video stream input2 x 10 Gbps ports
Client connections2 x 10 Gbps ports
Other racks2 x 10 Gbps ports

Input Video Streams

Streaming protocolRTSP
Compression algorithmH.264
Number of streams per camera1–2
Stream parametersStream 1: 0.2–0.3 MP (640 x 360/480), 12–15 fps
Stream 2: 2.0–3.0 MP (1920 x 1080/1440), 12–15 fps

Power and Cooling Supply

Up to 15 kW


24”W x 84.6”H x 53”D

© Kipod Video Analytics, 2018

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